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OSNOVA is on Nook!

People have asked us again and again that OSNOVA bring our publications to Nook. As you know, we always listen.

We are happy to announce the availability of three books on Nook! OSNOVA books for Nook offer the usual excellence in the formatting, arrangement, and navigation, which readers have come to expect from OSNOVA digital publications. However, the Nook search function is less capable and slower than Kindle’s search. So, although DVJ is still there, it may not be as useful and as the result it is not an advertised or supported feature. Instead the Nook books rely more heavily on hyperlinking.

Without further ado:

Holy Bible (KJV paragraphed with Apocrypha - OSNOVA) The Institutes of the Christian Religion (best navigation)

And the third book… We will announce later.

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