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Beware Kindle Touch Firmware Update

The two-three most recent firmware updates for Kindle Touch (5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2) have brought new features but also much havoc.

One of the new “features” is the “Enhanced Table of Contents.”  What it means is that Amazon removed from the “Go to” menu the link to the (carefully crafted by us) Table of Contents in the book itself and replaced it with the entire contents of an internal toc.ncx file.  For those who know, Amazon basically followed the epub toc custom but, unlike epub, listed all levels of toc by default. In practice, it means that you will see the list of all!!! chapters of the Bible one by one, and if you happen to be reading in the middle of the Bible you will be lost – there is no way you can scroll up through the entire list.  The cumbersome workaround around this mess is to press “Beginning”, then open the “Go to” menu again and select the OT toc or NT toc.

The other blunder is that you will not be able to search reliably any of the books that you had on the Kindle prior to the update (their index file on your Kindle is messed up by the update).  The only solution so far is to delete the book and reinstall (redownload it from Amazon) it again so that Kindle Touch can create a new index file for the book.  This issue also means that DVJ-1 will work only after you delete/reinstall.

The only good news (we have to treat anything that is not broken by Amazon’s update as good news) is that DVJ-2 (see this post) did not receive any harmful attention from Amazon. It still works… but for how long?


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Three Easy Steps to DVJ’s Success on Kindle Touch and Paperwhite

Kindle Touch is a wonderful addition to the Kindle family. It has become my wife’s favorite e-reader as she loves the touch-screen option and uses her Touch for notes extensively.


Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite are similar to older Kindles in the way they handle the Direct Verse Jump feature in electronic Bibles and commentaries, published by OSNOVA. First, you really need to give your Kindle time to index the books, as our publications are quite large in size. After the book is indexed, it is fully functional.


To jump directly to any verse in the Bible on Kindle Touch and Paperwhite using DVJ-2:

1. With the Bible open, tap at the top of the screen.

2. Type in the search window the abbreviation for the desired Bible book as indicated in the Table of Contents, followed by a space. Then type the chapter number, followed by a space, and the verse number. For example, jn 3 16.

3. Change the search from “This Book” to “Index Items.” Press Go and tap on the search result.

You can also use the Table of Contents just like in any other e-book:

• To open the table of contents, tap at the top of the screen (with the desired book open), select “Table of Contents” and tap on it. [UPDATE: Amazon appears to have deleted this functionality.  See this post.]

Another useful function of the Kindle Touch is “the flip”:

• With the book open, swipe your finger right to left to “flip” to the next page, or left to right to go back one page. Same thing can be done by simply tapping the screen once on the right (to go to the next page) or on the left (to return to a previous page).

• In OSNOVA e-books, we have also added a “vertical flip” that moves you from chapter to chapter. Swipe your finger up or down to go to the next (up) or previous (down) chapter. If you see the title of a Bible book at the top of the page, this navigation method will move to the next (up) or previous (down) book.

A hint: an underlined number, word, phrase, or even a dot, is, in most cases, a hyperlink that you can click to move to the linked text. To return to the initial position after following a hyperlink, tap the top of the screen and tap the BACK key.


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Polytonic Greek on Kindle Fire.

We have received a request to refund money for one of our Greek publications because not all Greek letters were displayed on Kindle Fire. I’d like to assure everyone that Kindle Fire fully supports polytonic Greek (and even Hebrew) after a couple of taps on screen. Please do the following:

1. tap on “Aa” at the botton of the screen (you may need to first tap in the middle of the page to bring this menu up).
2. tap on “Typeface”
3. Select one of the following fonts: “Times New Roman”, “Ariel”, or “Courier.”

Voila. All Greek letters show. Although the instructions at the beginning of the books do say to select a different font if polytonic Greek doesn’t show, they could be more descriptive.

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How to Download an eBook to a Kindle from Mac

A couple of days ago we received an email from one of our customers who had a hard time transferring the e-book purchased from our store to the Kindle. This post is meant for those who might experience such difficulty with transferring third party Kindle title to a Kindle from Mac.

“I purchased the NET Bible.  I was able to get it downloaded to my Kindle app that is on my iMac, but it won’t go onto the Kindle.  Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.”

Since we don’t have a Mac ourselves, we asked Richard Mansfield (a Mac user and blogger at to share a few tips and tricks on how he does it. Here is his answer:
There really are no tricks to transfer an OSNOVA title (or any third party Kindle title) over to a Kindle. Now, I’ll tell you that I usually just email mine to the Kindle. Every Kindle has its own email address, and it’s usually quicker for me to email one of the files rather than tracking down my cord and moving it over.

However, if one wants to transfer a title over manually, it’s pretty straightforward. Assuming the purchased title is in the Downloads folder, all one has to do is plug in a Kindle and then drag it to the Kindle/Documents folder as seen below. It can also be copied and pasted.

I’ve got a screenshot below that you can feel free to share with your customer.

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Video Tutorials for OSNOVA Publications

It seems that the Kindle is catching on with lots of folks who are not conversant with computer technology.  For example, some time ago I received an email request for help from an elderly lady from Alabama.  All our email communication led nowhere.  So, finally we had a nice chat over the phone for about 40-45 minutes during which I explained how to use OSNOVA Bibles (the DVJ was the hardest).  I think video tutorials might be a good solution.  Below you will find my first attempts at making video tutorials.  Don’t judge my videos too harshly — I am not competing for the Oscar.

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How to use OSNOVA publications on Kindle Keyboard

First, study the following illustration showing the keys, which are used for navigating OSNOVA™ Kindle publications.

• To jump directly to any verse in the Bible using the Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) from OSNOVA:

1. With the Bible open, press the MENU key.

2. Select INDEX.

3. Type the DVJ abbreviation for the desired Bible book, followed by a space. See the list of abbreviations at the bottom of this post or get a handy cheat sheet of DVJ abbreviations was made by Rakel and can be found on her blog.

4. Type the chapter number, followed by a space, and the verse number. For example, jn 3 16.

5. Press ENTER.

A hint: while holding the ALT key press one of the top-row keys to enter numbers (see the illustration above). So, Alt+q=1, Alt+w=2, Alt+e=3, Alt+r=4, Alt+t=5, Alt+y=6, Alt+u=7, Alt+i=8, Alt+o=9, Alt+p=0.

• To open the table of contents, press the MENU key, select “Go to. . .” and then “table of contents.” While there, select the text you want to read with the cursor (use the 5-way controller to move the cursor) and press ENTER.

A hint: an underlined superscript number, word, phrase, is, in most cases, a hyperlink that you can click to move to the linked text. To return to the initial position after following a hyperlink, press the BACK key.

• With the Bible open and no cursor appearing on the screen, press the 5-way controller (see the illustration below) right or left to move to the next (right) or previous (left) chapter. If you see the title of a Bible book at the top of the page, this navigation method will move to the next (right) or previous (left) book.


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DVJ in OSNOVA™ publications

What is the Direct Verse Jump?

Direct Verse Jump (aka DVJ) is a unique and revolutionary method of Kindle navigation, created by the OSNOVA Christian publisher for use in OSNOVA Kindle Bibles.

What are the advantages of DVJ?

DVJ allows a reader to open the exact Bible verse in mere seconds. The trick is the unique formatting of OSNOVA’s e-books that relies on abbreviations to “jump” to a verse or passage in mind. This feature becomes especially handy during a group Bible study or for following a sermon – instead of “flipping” through the pages or hectically trying to find the needed passage in the Table of Contents, you can use the DVJ to “jump” to the verse in a few easy clicks.

What is the difference between DVJ-1 and DVJ-2?

Originally the Direct Verse Jump was designed for Kindle Keyboard and relied a lot on the physical keyboard. This DVJ-1 navigation method used the two/three-letter abbreviation for Bible books, followed by a dot and chapter/verse number (like this, jn.3.16 for John 3:16).

When Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire were introduced on Amazon, they did not support the unique formatting used for DVJ-1. So we have come up with a newer and better DVJ option, which we called DVJ-2. This new method does not require dots in the search (like this, jn 3 16 for John 3:16). All our Kindle Bibles as well as Bible commentaries and reference books have been re-formatted to work their best on all existing Kindles, and use the DVJ-2 navigation. So if you buy OSNOVA e-books on Amazon now, DVJ-2 is the method to use for navigation.

Need more help?

For detailed directions on how to use DVJ on Kindle Touch read Three Easy Steps to DVJ’s Success on Kindle Touch.

For help and tips on using OSNOVA’s e-books on Kindle Keyboard, read How to use OSNOVA publications on Kindle Keyboard.

The book abbreviations that should be used with the DVJ feature:

Genesis ge
Exodus ex
Leviticus le
Numbers nu
Deuteronomy de
Joshua jos
Judges jdg
Ruth ru
1 Samuel 1sa
2 Samuel 2sa
1 Kings 1ki
2 Kings 2ki
1 Chronicles 1ch
2 Chronicles 2ch
Ezra ezr
Nehemiah ne
Esther es
Job job
Psalms ps
Proverbs pr
Ecclesiastes ec
Song of Solomon so
Isaiah is
Jeremiah je
Lamentations la
Ezekiel eze
Daniel da
Hosea ho
Joel joe
Amos am
Obadiah ob
Jonah jon
Micah mic
Nahum na
Habakkuk hab
Zephaniah zep
Haggai hag
Zechariah zec
Malachi mal
Matthew mt
Mark mk
Luke lk
John jn
Acts ac
Romans ro
1 Corinthians 1co
2 Corinthians 2co
Galatians ga
Ephesians eph
Phillipians php
Colossians col
1 Thessalonians 1th
2 Thessalonians 2th
1 Timothy 1ti
2 Timothy 2ti
Titus tit
Philemon phm
Hebrews heb
James jam
1 Peter 1pe
2 Peter 2pe
1 John 1jn
2 John 2jn
3 John 3jn
Jude jud
Revelation rev


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DVJ and Other Tips on How to Use OSNOVA™ publications

How to use OSNOVA™ publications

First, study the following illustration showing the keys, which are used for navigating OSNOVA™ Kindle publications.

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Useful instructions and tips from a customer

A customer dickthor has come up with useful instructions and tips about OSNOVA Bibles in his review on Amazon. I think others can benefit from them, so I am reprinting them below (I hope dickthor would not mind). At his suggestion, I will be integrating similar instructions into the OSNOVA Bibles themselves. If you have other tips, please post in the comments and I will consider adding them to the instructions.

But first please note that the new Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) method may be easier to use for novices. See its description here.

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DVJ-2 is here!

I am rolling out another navigation method. I’m calling it DVJ-2 because it also allows jumping directly to any verse in the Bible using a different technique from the current Direct Verse Jump method.  The great news is that it is in addition to the existing navigation methods, so you will not lose anything by upgrading.

As always, the customers receive upgrades for free. Just send me an email to indicating which Bible version you want to upgrade. If you have previously sent me the proof-of-purchase copy of the Osnova Bible, then you need not send it again.  If not, then please attach to your email the OSNOVA Bible file that you’ve bought.

If you know DVJ, then DVJ-2 is a piece of cake. While reading your OSNOVA Bible, press Menu, then press Index and type the typical DVJ abbreviation for the passage you want but instead of periods use spaces (for example “jn 3 16”).

More detailed instructions are available at this link.


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