When “errors” are not errors.

Amazon’s email to OSNOVA:



We’re writing to let you know that at least one of your readers has reported some problems within your book [the KJV Bible], and we have confirmed the issue. … There are some words in your book that our spell check dictionary could not identify. … Here are the words and their locations

For example “cieling of wood; ” should be “ceiling of wood; “(loc:48522),”burglers” should be “burglars” (loc:48385),”sodering” should be “soldering”(loc:27757),


OSNOVA’s Email to Amazon:

Dear Amazon,
As always, we have carefully reviewed your report.  Given that we are dealing with the text of the KJV translation of the Bible, we have to faithfully reproduce all the spellings of its authoritative editions.  Neither you nor I are qualified to update the spelling of the KJV Bible to the modern standards or decide that the original text contained errors or misspellings.

In this particular instance, all of the reported “errors” cannot and should not be corrected even though they look strange to the modern eye because the original text had “cieling of wood,” “burglers” and “sodering.”  Please see the attached reproductions of the text of the KJV that served as the basis for our electronic edition.

I would appreciate if you would pass this information to the customer who reported these “errors.”


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3 Responses to When “errors” are not errors.

  1. Felix Nelson

    Thank you for your principled stand on the matter. Great to know that there are still believers like you who do not consider themselves THE AUTHORITY and change the text of the Bible as and when they feel like it.

    Continue to pray for you.

  2. Michael Martinez

    Good for you! Old spellings should to be preserved in old historic books like the Holy Bible. As a book seller. Amazon should know this. And there are plenty of resources available for different and older spellings of English words. Thank you

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