Beware Kindle Touch Firmware Update

The two-three most recent firmware updates for Kindle Touch (5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2) have brought new features but also much havoc.

One of the new “features” is the “Enhanced Table of Contents.”  What it means is that Amazon removed from the “Go to” menu the link to the (carefully crafted by us) Table of Contents in the book itself and replaced it with the entire contents of an internal toc.ncx file.  For those who know, Amazon basically followed the epub toc custom but, unlike epub, listed all levels of toc by default. In practice, it means that you will see the list of all!!! chapters of the Bible one by one, and if you happen to be reading in the middle of the Bible you will be lost – there is no way you can scroll up through the entire list.  The cumbersome workaround around this mess is to press “Beginning”, then open the “Go to” menu again and select the OT toc or NT toc.

The other blunder is that you will not be able to search reliably any of the books that you had on the Kindle prior to the update (their index file on your Kindle is messed up by the update).  The only solution so far is to delete the book and reinstall (redownload it from Amazon) it again so that Kindle Touch can create a new index file for the book.  This issue also means that DVJ-1 will work only after you delete/reinstall.

The only good news (we have to treat anything that is not broken by Amazon’s update as good news) is that DVJ-2 (see this post) did not receive any harmful attention from Amazon. It still works… but for how long?


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  2. Jerry Brown

    Concerning the “Enhanced” table of contents – I have found that making one bookmark for the location of the beginning of the old testament portion of the table of contents, and a second bookmark for the location of the beginning of the new testament portion of the table of contents works fairly well. I then choose Menu > View Notes & Marks, then choose the first or second bookmark depending on whether I want the new testament or old testament.

  3. Logan

    Unfortunately the Kindle Paperwhite also removed the “swipe up or down” feature to skip chapters. I fear this may happen (or has happened) to the Touch as well. Apparently some people complained they accidentally swiped up or down and lost their place but if that’s the case, one would hope it would become an option and not a mandatory change for everyone.

    • osnova

      Logan, it is certainly “unfortunate”. So many great features have taken fall due to recent Kindle updates. We are working now on finding shortcuts and playing with possible new ways to enhance the use and navigation on OSNOVA’s e-books.

  4. Frances

    I purchased your KJV Holy Bible for my Kindle fire HD with the DVD2. Needed help understanding how “this” Bible would be quick to use in bible studies and sermon setting searches…so I read your instructions….Kindle fire HD don’t have Index nor do you have instructions !!! Also, how to add “my notes and highlights, as well as choosing to Delete, whether mine or those already there!!!Please Help…disappointed!!!

  5. osnova

    Frances, Kindle Fire HD is a different animal from e-ink Kindles. It does not have many of the features and does not support DVJ-2. It does support DVJ-1 though. However, first you need to open the Bible and search for anything, say “Jesus” it will start indexing the book. Don’t close that page for a long, long time until it is finished indexing. Once the book is finished indexing. You can follow
    For example, enter jn.3.16 into the search window (magnifying glass) and search. Select the result.

    For other questions (re highlights, notes, etc.), please read the Kindle Fire HD manual. Those are the features created by Amazon.

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