DVJ in OSNOVA™ publications

What is the Direct Verse Jump?

Direct Verse Jump (aka DVJ) is a unique and revolutionary method of Kindle navigation, created by the OSNOVA Christian publisher for use in OSNOVA Kindle Bibles.

What are the advantages of DVJ?

DVJ allows a reader to open the exact Bible verse in mere seconds. The trick is the unique formatting of OSNOVA’s e-books that relies on abbreviations to “jump” to a verse or passage in mind. This feature becomes especially handy during a group Bible study or for following a sermon – instead of “flipping” through the pages or hectically trying to find the needed passage in the Table of Contents, you can use the DVJ to “jump” to the verse in a few easy clicks.

What is the difference between DVJ-1 and DVJ-2?

Originally the Direct Verse Jump was designed for Kindle Keyboard and relied a lot on the physical keyboard. This DVJ-1 navigation method used the two/three-letter abbreviation for Bible books, followed by a dot and chapter/verse number (like this, jn.3.16 for John 3:16).

When Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire were introduced on Amazon, they did not support the unique formatting used for DVJ-1. So we have come up with a newer and better DVJ option, which we called DVJ-2. This new method does not require dots in the search (like this, jn 3 16 for John 3:16). All our Kindle Bibles as well as Bible commentaries and reference books have been re-formatted to work their best on all existing Kindles, and use the DVJ-2 navigation. So if you buy OSNOVA e-books on Amazon now, DVJ-2 is the method to use for navigation.

Need more help?

For detailed directions on how to use DVJ on Kindle Touch read Three Easy Steps to DVJ’s Success on Kindle Touch.

For help and tips on using OSNOVA’s e-books on Kindle Keyboard, read How to use OSNOVA publications on Kindle Keyboard.

The book abbreviations that should be used with the DVJ feature:

Genesis ge
Exodus ex
Leviticus le
Numbers nu
Deuteronomy de
Joshua jos
Judges jdg
Ruth ru
1 Samuel 1sa
2 Samuel 2sa
1 Kings 1ki
2 Kings 2ki
1 Chronicles 1ch
2 Chronicles 2ch
Ezra ezr
Nehemiah ne
Esther es
Job job
Psalms ps
Proverbs pr
Ecclesiastes ec
Song of Solomon so
Isaiah is
Jeremiah je
Lamentations la
Ezekiel eze
Daniel da
Hosea ho
Joel joe
Amos am
Obadiah ob
Jonah jon
Micah mic
Nahum na
Habakkuk hab
Zephaniah zep
Haggai hag
Zechariah zec
Malachi mal
Matthew mt
Mark mk
Luke lk
John jn
Acts ac
Romans ro
1 Corinthians 1co
2 Corinthians 2co
Galatians ga
Ephesians eph
Phillipians php
Colossians col
1 Thessalonians 1th
2 Thessalonians 2th
1 Timothy 1ti
2 Timothy 2ti
Titus tit
Philemon phm
Hebrews heb
James jam
1 Peter 1pe
2 Peter 2pe
1 John 1jn
2 John 2jn
3 John 3jn
Jude jud
Revelation rev


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13 Responses to DVJ in OSNOVA™ publications

  1. Kersi

    Excellent. If anyone has problems with understanding this then ………

    • My next step is recording a video tutorial :) More and more people are adopting the Kindles who are not comfortable with computers but feel that Kindle is less daunting.

  2. Angela McCoy

    Hi thank you for answering my question as to the DVJ 2 method.

    Here is another suggestion; Why not simplify this document, format it for the Kindle and make it a PDF then the instructions can be sent right to our Kindles?

    Thanks again,


  3. That’s a good idea. Some of my newer publications already include these instructions but, as you suggest, I will make a separate Kindle file with these instructions available for free.

  4. I have a couple of minor suggestions to add to the discussion. On my Kindle (a Kindle 3/keyboard), the operating system has no “index” available through the “menu” key. What I learned (through a comment on Amazon) was to use the pop-up search function as follows:
    – Enter the book abbreviation (bb) [search pop-up opens]
    – Enter a period (bb.)
    – Enter the chapter (bb.cc)
    – Enter another period (bb.cc.)
    – Enter the verse number (bb.cc.vv)
    – Double-click the center button of the five-way switch.

    Numbers are entered using the alt-“qwerty” approach as described in the original post. The process can be terminated at any step (book and chapter) to go to the first verse at that stage.

    Thanks for a wonderful system for fast navigation. This is exactly what I want in an e-book Bible. I only wish I could have NIV/NAS with this system!

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  9. David


    Thank you for such an awesome program. I’m using kindle for iPad and bought your Bible and it’s awesome. So many hyperlinks. I’m not sure about how to search for Bible verses but just typing them in the search box seems to bring the link up.

    I can’t thank you enough.

    Would have loved Strong’s Hebrew but I’m grateful. I bought so many other books until I found this fantastic brilliant work.

    There’s a lot of very hard work gone into this and you will be rewarded.

    If you have any suggestions please email me. Many thanks

  10. Kate

    I use several commentaries for my studies, personal and that ever present school grade, and kept seeing references to Henry’s commentary. Of course I had to have it, I need all the help I can get! But here I am…stuck!

    Either I am missing something, or…. I have a Paperwhite, and am trying to figure out how to “index” so I can jump from here to there, find commentary on the passages I need, etc. Went through the entire instructions offered in my purchase. Nothing. Searched you site. Nothing. Oh sure, there is info on the keyboard type (mine died a long time ago), and some on the whachacallit with the arrows and such. Even info on the touch, but I am just baffled. Did a test run with a search up on top, like it said to do, but got the response about no index. (As much as I would love to have the physical book they are, unfortunately, mighty pricey!)

    • osnova

      Kate, even though I am late with the response, I’ll post it here for others. On those Kindles that support quick searching (e.g. your Paperwhite), “Indexing is done automatically by the Kindle in the background and it happens only once for each book.” Indexing may take a while for large books, so be patient and check in a day or two. Blessings to you.

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