How to use OSNOVA publications on Kindle Keyboard

First, study the following illustration showing the keys, which are used for navigating OSNOVA™ Kindle publications.

• To jump directly to any verse in the Bible using the Direct Verse Jump (DVJ-2) from OSNOVA:

1. With the Bible open, press the MENU key.

2. Select INDEX.

3. Type the DVJ abbreviation for the desired Bible book, followed by a space. See the list of abbreviations at the bottom of this post or get a handy cheat sheet of DVJ abbreviations was made by Rakel and can be found on her blog.

4. Type the chapter number, followed by a space, and the verse number. For example, jn 3 16.

5. Press ENTER.

A hint: while holding the ALT key press one of the top-row keys to enter numbers (see the illustration above). So, Alt+q=1, Alt+w=2, Alt+e=3, Alt+r=4, Alt+t=5, Alt+y=6, Alt+u=7, Alt+i=8, Alt+o=9, Alt+p=0.

• To open the table of contents, press the MENU key, select “Go to. . .” and then “table of contents.” While there, select the text you want to read with the cursor (use the 5-way controller to move the cursor) and press ENTER.

A hint: an underlined superscript number, word, phrase, is, in most cases, a hyperlink that you can click to move to the linked text. To return to the initial position after following a hyperlink, press the BACK key.

• With the Bible open and no cursor appearing on the screen, press the 5-way controller (see the illustration below) right or left to move to the next (right) or previous (left) chapter. If you see the title of a Bible book at the top of the page, this navigation method will move to the next (right) or previous (left) book.


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